Hello!  I am Nicole!

My beautiful children are Briana and Eliot and are all courtesy of the love of my life, Erik.

I enjoy creating clothes, food and gifts for my family and friends (and maybe one day for myself).  I have sew (pun intended) many projects and ideas in different stages of completeness although my track record is less than stellar when it comes to completing a project, because I am self-diagnosed with  S.A.D.D.(Sewing Attention Deficit Disorder).  Symptoms included are fabric stashing and admiring said stash, inability to work on ONE project at a time, easily distracted by ANOTHER project and hours spent in the rabbit hole of Pinterest or my favorite blogs!

That being said, mostly, I am a wife and mother devoted to finding and striking a balance between my family, a healthy lifestyle and my part-time job as a pharmacist.   I am disheartened by current societal trends and I am resurrecting past homesteading practices (with a modern twist) in my life in the aim to raise independent, strong and creative children.

I love (not necessarily in this order) a great book, a hot bath, a glass of wine, my daughter’s excitement over a new creation, canning and gardening and last but not least, sewing.

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